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Absinthe Cthulhu by Echo Chernik by echo-x

You're welcome. :)
Booth: Red 8 & 9
Convention: MEGACON
Location: Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, Florida
When: March 21-23, 2014

I used to live in Florida, and MegaCon was my home show. However, when i moved to Seattle in 2012, I was forced to miss last year's convention.

This will be my return to MegaCon with TONS of art I've never brought there before. Everything from new Cthulhu art, Bridgette the Yarn Zombie, lots of new game art for projects like Shadowrun and MAGE. I'll also be bringing some unique items and original art and...


You'll have to be there to see it. :)


My Calendars were successfully funded and should be in my hands in time for this Spring and Summer convention season.

I will also post them on my website when they are ready. :)


Echo Chernik Calendars

Every year I receive requests for calendars.  We would love to make it happen this year, but time to do it is running short! We need to print our 2015 calendar now in time for the Summer convention season.  

The question is - do I do a calendar of my Art Nouveau Goddesses OR do I do one of my Shadowrun and gaming art? 
JUST FOR YOU - my fans - I am doing BOTH!

I've already been completely funded for them - but their are some amazing rewards you can only get through this Kickstarter campaign - including some incredible rewards for reaching stretch goals of higher levels of funding.

Check them out now:


Echo Chernik's "Raven Queen" Kickstarter campaign raised over $21,000 with backers being the ONLY ones to receive prints or even the original finished work.

"Raven Queen" is the 2nd in the series and the campaign ended on February 15 with over 200 backers receiving prints. The first in the series "Swan Queen" (below) closed in November with over 150 backers raising over $25,000 including the Original given to one lucky backer for a $10,000 pledge.

Swan Queen by Echo Chernik by echo-x

Now that "Raven Queen" is funded, Echo will be working on the piece live for ONLY her Kickstarter backers - so they can watch the masterpiece unfold.

With raising over $20,000 - Echo has pledged to create a tutorial for her collectors and fans. Kickstarter backers will automatically receive a copy of - or access to - this tutorial. Depending on the final format, the tutorial may be published or otherwise available for purchase.

Okay DeviantArt. This is just for you. Shutterstock hired me to paint 5 Harlequin-Style Romance cover using famous video game characters. 


Featured are:
The Legend of Zelda
Pac Man
Mario Bros.
Street Fighter
wait for it…
Duck Hunt.

Link and Zelda Romance Cover for Shutterstock by echo-x

Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man Hungry for Love by echo-x

Mario and Princess Peach with Luigi by echo-x

Street Fighter Romance by echo-x

Duck Hunt as a Romance Novel by echo-x

All the titles and text were provided by Shutterstock. They required that I use their photography as reference material for the paintings.

Please enjoy and share!

The folder:…

Okay, maybe not all of you - but the teaser announcement made earlier is coming true this week.

Echo + Romance Novels + Famous ********** = All of the Awesome

Watch for it!
Lazarus: Um… I think you're going to break DeviantArt with this new project.
Echo: *sarcastically* You think?
Lazarus: I can't believe a commercial client hired you to do this.
Echo: No one will believe me. I've always said "I don't do fan art". But it's not really fan art if a publisher commissions it, right?
Lazarus: Technically no… but someone should warn Reddit and 4CHAN about an impending Server crash.
Echo: Just don't leak anything.
Lazarus: No no. I won't.

Once again, I am announcing a brand new Kickstarter Only work of art.

Click here to go there now:…

She is the second in my Winged Women Series and is inspired by the Raven.

The first in the series was titled "Swan Queen". 

Raven with be equally amazing, but I only can show a rough sketch of my vision for now.

It may be rough for now - but this is also how Swan Queen started - with a simple sketch.

Thank you.

And here is the link again:…

On my way home from Europe - and my flight lands at 7:30 - but at 8:00pm I have a gallery reception at SteamCon to attend.

Lazarus already set up my space, and they are selling some of my giclees and prints.

I just hope I get enough rest to look good and be friendly to everyone. I'm certainly not dressed for it. LOL.

Maybe Laz will bring something Steam-punky I can toss on at the last second to fit in.

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At least once per show, someone comes up to me and asked if I've ever been to the Mucha Museum in Prague, CZ.

Well now that SPIEL 2012 is over - I'm actually going. YAY!

Mucha's influence in my work is clear for anyone to see - but what you will also see in my version of Art Nouveau are more clear ties to Neo-Classicist's like David and modern illustrators like Pyle and Rockwell. I am not a Mucha clone, nor do I aspire to simply regurgitate back to the market what people have found so readily palatable today. I do my own thing and I think it works.

But now I have the chance to finally go and see the biggest and best collection of Mucha's work - and I know I'll be inspired. ESPECIALLY now that I've recently found his actual illustrations for 'Le Pater' - where he shows off how good an artist he really is without having to resort to stencils and geometric templates.

At least, he's got great shoulders for standing on. And someday I hope someone looks back at me the same way.

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Meet me in Germany at SPIEL '12 in Essen next weekend.

My good friend Larry Elmore handed me his booth because he decided not to go this year. I'll be hanging out with fellow American icons: Steve Argyle and Nigel Sade. We each have our own unique polished styles and will make a great impact this year.

Then I'll be a guest again in Winnipeg for C4 on Nov 4-5.
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This month, I am the featured artist on Sunshine Artist Magazine with a full interview, a plethora of my work, and my piece "Goddess of Rice" on the cover.

You can get your subscription here:

Let me know how you like it! I don't have my own copies yet. :)

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Yes, back from DragonCon - and now I am finishing up a piece that is already one of my personal faves.

It's a full body art nouveau portrait of one of the Yarn Zombies. The portraits are good, but I never really get a feel for a character without the full body. It demands gesture and drama and affectation in ways that facial portraits just can't convey at all. Sure, if you already know the person (family, celebrity, etc.) a face can convey all sorts of things, usually surrounding one's memories of that person - but I have Prosapragnasia otheriwse known as "Face Blindness" (ever see "Faces in the Crowd" with Mila Jovovich?) - so I don't feel any particular way from faces. I need to see the gesture, costume, and emotions, to feel the personality of a person.

So with that in mind, just imagine the details of my usual works combined with the sensuality of the YZ portraits and you'll have a glimmer of what I am working on.

YARN ZOMBIES!!! Grrr. Arrgh. <trip> Moan.
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As always, I will be educating, entertaining, and selling art at DragonCon in the lower dealer's room (International Hall).

I'm in the middle-ish row and I hope to be big enough so no one can miss me.

See you there!
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Some of my fans noticed that the Yarn Zombies Kickstarter project has been closed but the YARN ZOMBIES ARE STILL ALIVE!!!

Yes, they are still coming out this Fall or Winter. Everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter HAS NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN and Yarn Zombies is planning a thank you present to each and everyone one of them free of charge for their support (see what you missed out on?).

I can't wait for these things to be on the store shelves. They look so awesome.

Thank you and watch me for more information on what I'm doing for them.

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Yes, once again, I will be signing, greeting friends and fans, and selling my art at GenCon in Indianapolis this weekend. It's a 4 day show that starts tomorrow.

I've done a lot of work for games and RPG companies over the years, and considering my art - my fellow gamers and geeks are just about my favorite and most devoted fans.

Can't wait to see you all there.... Oh, and I have a complete set of 4ft tall Giclee Ice Cream Cthulhu triptych you might want to drool on while you're there.


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I know, there are artists out there with many many more art views than this - but since I started actually USING my account last December I think earning 150,000* in only 7 months is worth celebrating.


Wait 'til you see what I'm posting next. ;X

* Art Views are not the same as Page Views.
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That's right.

Some of the those poor undead souls are actually quite creative and able to produce lovely crafts and toys to support themselves rather than randomly snagging some skull fruit on the street.

Yarn Zombies, LLC is a business dedicated to bringing you those products and to see, feel, and learn about our post-rigor comrades.

Visit me at San Diego Comic Con, booth 4820, to learn more - and watch for our products on sale at a Hot Topic near you very soon!

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Yes, I said it. It's an EPIC new project.

I'm developing a new product line to hit the shelves this fall... That's right - at a store NEAR YOU!

He he. You won't believe your eyes.

Watch me for more details. Art and info to follow this week.

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