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I wil once again be in Orlando for MegaCon this weekend. 

I'm pretty sure my tables are again Pink 1&2, but check the book to be certain.

MegaCon used to be my home show - but now that I live in Seattle, it's more challenging to make the trip. So my art is limited this year to what I could bring and ship.

I have a very limited number of limited editions - but they are all spectacular (fans words - not mine).

See you there!

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While I'm still in love with my Cthulhu series, and my Women Inspired by Birds series is extremely popular and in progress, a private collector has commissioned me for a completely new series asking for my interpretation of historical and mythological princesses.

This is a WIP (work in progress) of Sleeping Beauty. I hope you enjoy it.

©2015 echo-x, llc (me)

The Dreaming of Beauty (Sleeping Beauty) by echo-x

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Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families - and for all artists everywhere facing violent censorship.
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Happy New Year!

That's pretty much it. I'm so busy right now - this is all I can post.

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I have two calendars for 2015 on sale right now through my Amazon store:…

Also, all of my books are $10 off.


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I need to say thank you to all of my collectors and fans for backing my 8th Kickstarter campaign.

"Crane" is the third in my series of Women Inspired by Birds after "Swan" and then "Raven".

I will be posting progress shots on my Facebook page and (less frequently) DeviantArt and Tumblr.


My New Kickstarter is live!

This time she is the Crane Queen - specifically the Red Crowned Crane which is popularly called the Japanese Crane (but lives throughout Asia).

Crane - Sketch for my 3rd Kickstarter Only Series by echo-x

The previous Kickstarter Only pieces were:

Swan and Raven

i just returned from a tour across the country goingo to San Diego for Comic Con International, then Indianapolis for GenCon and finally Atlanta for DragonCon.

As usual, the shows and fans were amazing - but this year had to have topped them all. From the excitement of everything going on around us, to the massive fun we had with collectors, to the wonderful models and model shoots, to the incredible invitations to do personal appearances and signings, and to the wonderful clients who came out to meet me in person - this was absolutely the best season ever.

Thank you everyone - and if you missed me, keeping following because I still have a few appearance left this fall in the Pacific Northwest.


This year will mark my 5th year at San Diego Comic Con.

My booth is 4820 in the Fantasy Artists section. 

Come see my books, 2015 calendars, and of course tons of art prints!

I've been posting my "There's No Place Like Home" is thirds as each main figure was done - but now it's complete. 

Enjoy, favorite, and share. Thank you! Prints may be purchased from:

There's No Place Like Home (complete) by echo-x

Despite my page saying "11" or "12" years a member, I really only started posting 4 years ago.

Thank you all so much for the love.

Not bad for an artist with 99% original art.


My art will be hanging at NorWesCon 37 this weekend in SeaTac! Prints will also be available.

The 4-day event is being held at:

DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport
18740 International Blvd
SeaTac, Washington
Absinthe Cthulhu by Echo Chernik by echo-x

You're welcome. :)
Booth: Red 8 & 9
Convention: MEGACON
Location: Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, Florida
When: March 21-23, 2014

I used to live in Florida, and MegaCon was my home show. However, when i moved to Seattle in 2012, I was forced to miss last year's convention.

This will be my return to MegaCon with TONS of art I've never brought there before. Everything from new Cthulhu art, Bridgette the Yarn Zombie, lots of new game art for projects like Shadowrun and MAGE. I'll also be bringing some unique items and original art and...


You'll have to be there to see it. :)


My Calendars were successfully funded and should be in my hands in time for this Spring and Summer convention season.

I will also post them on my website when they are ready. :)


Echo Chernik Calendars

Every year I receive requests for calendars.  We would love to make it happen this year, but time to do it is running short! We need to print our 2015 calendar now in time for the Summer convention season.  

The question is - do I do a calendar of my Art Nouveau Goddesses OR do I do one of my Shadowrun and gaming art? 
JUST FOR YOU - my fans - I am doing BOTH!

I've already been completely funded for them - but their are some amazing rewards you can only get through this Kickstarter campaign - including some incredible rewards for reaching stretch goals of higher levels of funding.

Check them out now:


Echo Chernik's "Raven Queen" Kickstarter campaign raised over $21,000 with backers being the ONLY ones to receive prints or even the original finished work.

"Raven Queen" is the 2nd in the series and the campaign ended on February 15 with over 200 backers receiving prints. The first in the series "Swan Queen" (below) closed in November with over 150 backers raising over $25,000 including the Original given to one lucky backer for a $10,000 pledge.

Swan Queen by Echo Chernik by echo-x

Now that "Raven Queen" is funded, Echo will be working on the piece live for ONLY her Kickstarter backers - so they can watch the masterpiece unfold.

With raising over $20,000 - Echo has pledged to create a tutorial for her collectors and fans. Kickstarter backers will automatically receive a copy of - or access to - this tutorial. Depending on the final format, the tutorial may be published or otherwise available for purchase.

Okay DeviantArt. This is just for you. Shutterstock hired me to paint 5 Harlequin-Style Romance cover using famous video game characters. 


Featured are:
The Legend of Zelda
Pac Man
Mario Bros.
Street Fighter
wait for it…
Duck Hunt.

Link and Zelda Romance Cover for Shutterstock by echo-x

Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man Hungry for Love by echo-x

Mario and Princess Peach with Luigi by echo-x

Street Fighter Romance by echo-x

Duck Hunt as a Romance Novel by echo-x

All the titles and text were provided by Shutterstock. They required that I use their photography as reference material for the paintings.

Please enjoy and share!

The folder:…

Okay, maybe not all of you - but the teaser announcement made earlier is coming true this week.

Echo + Romance Novels + Famous ********** = All of the Awesome

Watch for it!
Lazarus: Um… I think you're going to break DeviantArt with this new project.
Echo: *sarcastically* You think?
Lazarus: I can't believe a commercial client hired you to do this.
Echo: No one will believe me. I've always said "I don't do fan art". But it's not really fan art if a publisher commissions it, right?
Lazarus: Technically no… but someone should warn Reddit and 4CHAN about an impending Server crash.
Echo: Just don't leak anything.
Lazarus: No no. I won't.